P.g. Sturges

Life ShortcutNecessary! Yeay, now at 25 I thought I was reverting back to my childhood methods by dreaming about pissing in my mattress and actually doing it, interested in this chemical that retains you from transferring. I used to be dreaming that I was pissing on someones garden, after which I saved dreaming, lastly the cold piss on my pjs will need to have awoken me from a extremely good sleep and dream…..then I was pissed HAHA, that I pissed myself.

Wow, I am so glad to know I am not alone! I’ve never ever peed the mattress in childhood or grownup life. I’m female and 27 and I was having a dream the place I had to pee actually dangerous. In the dream I finally received to a girls room and thus relieved myself. To my utter horror, I awoke to the strange sensation that I was doing it in actual life in my bed. I was in a position to cease and went to the bathroom. I got here back to the bed in disbelief. I used to be do upset I googles it and found this thread. Thank god I am not alone. I’m so glad my hubby did not wake up while I quietly aces a towel … Travel More

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